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Welcome to Windrock Shooting Range! We are a locally owned & operated shooting and training range in the greater Knoxville, TN area, in the south's outdoor adventure destination, Windrock Park. We are the greater Knoxville area's premier outdoor shooting range and training facility. We offer 3 pistol bays, rifle bay, shotgun bay, .22lr shooting bay and 3 members only pistol bays. Shoot paper and steel targets, with handguns and rifles. Our covered rifle range extends out to 140 yds plus. Our pro shop offers firearm rentals, to include full-auto and a 50 BMG. We also offer ammunition sales and transfers.

Come shoot steel or paper with rifle, pistol or shotgun. Be sure to like our Facebook page to have an inside scoop on all things Windrock Range! Please check our FaceBook page for early closure due to weather, etc.                          

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